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TRUE Whole body cryotherapy (walk-in chambers) and localized cold air device treatments are the new trend in recovery and performance enhancement therapy. Short duration cold air therapy enhances recoveries from chronic, acute, and post-surgical pain & inflammation and reduces recurrence rates of re-injury.

US Cryotherapy Walnut Creek is leading the modernization of TRUE whole body cryotherapy utilizing US manufactured walk-in cold chambers.

Why expose yourself to hazardous liquid nitrogen when there is a safe and well established alternative at US Cryotherapy?

When using the our Chambers (non-nitrogen), users walk in the room at temperatures of -120° F to -180° F. The treatment lasts a maximum of three (3.5) minutes, exposing the whole body, while dropping skin temperatures from head to toe 35-45 degrees.

Our equipment produces electrically refrigerate fresh cooled air (NO HAZARDOUS LIQUID NITROGEN). Cold air therapy is comparable to other ice modalities; demonstrating better outcomes from dramatically lower skin temperatures which stimulate enhanced post-treatment circulatory responses.

If you are new to Cryotherapy, start with the safest, most proven systems in the world at our US Cryotherapy center in Walnut Creek to experience the amazing alternative health benefits.