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About Us

Dr. Nancy Rolnik is the founder of Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine. Her passion is determining the root source of her patients' pain and develops a holistic treatment plan that is unique for each patient. She believes in whole body wellness and giving patients non-surgical options to help reduce joint, tendon or other soft tissue pain. When conservative treatments don't work, Dr. Rolnik provided cutting-edge injections including stem cell, PRP, exosomes, and A2M - each with its own benefit.

Without feeding the body properly, it is difficult to obtain optimal health. For this reason, Dr. Rolnik included nutrition services at Remedy.
Leasa Woods is our certified nutritionist who helps patients with their food struggles that lead to obesity, inflammation, fatigue and other symptoms. She is engaging and motivating while providing homework and guidance to tackle food battles. She has successfully helps thousands of patients over her career lose weight, reduce the need for pills and feel great!

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  • Integrative Sports Medcine
  • Helping You Stay Active for Life!
  • Treat acute and chronic injury
  • Nutrition Couseling
  • Hiving hope where hope has been lost.


Dr. Rolnik (center) with Lease Woods (left) and Robin Spiegelman (right), both nutritionists
At Remedy we are passionate about food as medicine.
Yoga and meditation can help relieve stress and enhance physical and mental fitness.
Our Remedy logo represents life in motion and the healing power of natural remedies.
Dr. Rolnik educates her patients about the cause of her patients' injuries and reviews strategies to limit further injuries.

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Robin Spiegelman
Leasa Woods