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Founded in 2017 in WC.

Welcome to Human Optimization Center - HOC, where we specialize in providing the most evidence-based therapies for Chronic Pain Relief, Injury Recovery, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, and Shoulder Pain. We also offer cutting-edge services for Body Sculpting, Hormone Issues, and Weight Gain, catering to clients all over the East Bay Area.

Our extensive range of services includes Whole Body Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy, Targeted Cryotherapy, Targeted Red Light Therapy, Vibragenix Sound Vibrational Medicine, PEMF Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Contour Light Body Contouring, Normatec, TheraGun Massage, IV Vitamins, and more. Don't let pain or discomfort hold you back any longer.

TRUE Whole body cryotherapy (walk-in chambers) and localized cold air device treatments are the new trend in recovery and performance enhancement therapy. Short duration cold air therapy enhances recoveries from chronic, acute, and post-surgical pain & inflammation and reduces recurrence rates of re-injury.

Why expose yourself to hazardous liquid nitrogen when there is a safe and well established alternative at HOC?

When using the our Chambers (non-nitrogen), users walk in the room at temperatures of -170° F to -190° F.

Our equipment produces electrically refrigerate fresh cooled air (NO HAZARDOUS LIQUID NITROGEN). Cold air therapy is comparable to other ice modalities; demonstrating better outcomes from dramatically lower skin temperatures which stimulate enhanced post-treatment circulatory responses.

We love our First Responders, and their first time is FREE!

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