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Escuela de Tango De Buenos Aires


About Us

I was born in Argentina. Through my family and the community that saw my upbringing, I have been intimately involved with Tango all my life, and have been an Argentine Tango dancer, choreographer and instructor for over 30 years. I profoundly love Tango dancing, music, and culture, particularly that of the Golden Era. I am a milonguero.

As an instructor, I like to put emphasis on musicality and the dance partner's connection to each other and the music, stressing that Tango is a social dance framed by a specific set of values that are expressed through its codes of etiquette. I encourage my students to develop their ability to improvise on the dance floor. After the training you receive in my classes, dancing becomes an easy game to play. With these elements, I aim to create a unique atmosphere through which students can experience what a Milonga in Buenos Aires is like.

To allow students to experience Tango and its culture at its birthplace, I offers a personally guided Tango Tour to Buenos Aires twice a year. If you are planning on visiting Buenos Aires don’t hesitate to contact me; I would like to put at your service my knowledge of the City and its culture, the milongas, restaurants, and the authentic pulse of Buenos Aires.


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