No-H2O Waterless Detailing and Business Development Associate

Posted: 07/29/2022

Company Overview
No-H2O’s vision is to make waterless auto detailing go viral so that out company and our customers can save California's water one car wash at a time! We also plan to capture the lead in the convenience car wash market overall. In simple terms, if you want to wash your car then you will do so using No-H2O services offered at business sites or through our company's on-demand scheduling app.
No-H2O is the first company car detailing company to build an on-demand, in-house app for waterless car washing and detailing. The company is just entering California after having proven its innovation in markets in Europe where it has been operating the waterless, on-demand model since 2016. No-H2O has a significant advantage in this market as it has developed its track record on the back of an already successful business operating in both the car wash & detailing markets but also in manufacturing and supplying its range of waterless products globally.
California is an ideal location for No-H2O's waterless On-Demand model, given the state's recurring droughts, client interest in limiting impacts of water use, and the area's regard for innovation.
No-H2O’s plans to be the ‘go-to’ brand in the entire car care space. No other company has managed to do this to date in a market that suffers from fragmentation due to lack of technology advancement and poor product innovation.
No-H2O, together with its unique waterless formula and tech infrastructure, and 10-year history in this industry, will offer all consumer and B2B customers its branded products and services through a range of distribution and service channels. Together, No-H2O, its B2B clients, and its customers will save thousands of gallons of water in a state where drought is becoming a constant and innovations are needed to make water conservation standard behavior for all Californians.
Job Summary
Be part of an exciting and innovative company aiming to take over the car washing and detailing industry with waterless technology and on-demand service AND help save California's water.
We seek energetic and entrepreneurial individuals to learn the business from the ground up and apply that knowledge and experience to helping expand the reach of No-H2O and its waterless car care services. Successful candidates will secure training in No-H2O's high quality, professional detailing system, develop an understanding of No-H2O's current business and consumer target markets, as well as its competition, brainstorm on and test ideas for reaching new locations and targets and advance business development and sales goals.
This is an exciting time for No-H2O in the San Francisco Bay Area. As one of the very first No-H2O franchisees in the United States, the franchise engages regularly with the US headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL, as well as with the founder and staff from Dublin, Ireland. No-H2O is already working with companies such as Apple and PayPal, with local leaders in the luxury apartment, fitness center, and country club sectors, and regularly conducts fundraisers with causes spanning from water conservation, to education, to animal welfare, and to first responders. And No-H2O is now a member of the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce!

This is an opportunity to join our growing team now and to be on the ground floor of our expansion in California.
  • Secure training in the No-H2O system of detailing of Cars, SUVs, and Trucks;
  • Conduct detailing at business locations and for on-demand clients;
  • Engage business and consumer clients to build growing relationships that lead to additional business;
  • Develop efficiencies and best practices in day-to-day operations to help increase return on investment;
  • Develop understanding of existing priority target markets in the B2B and consumer spaces;
  • Work with the owner and existing team to develop additional target market ideas and to adapt outreach and engagement plans;
  • Conduct B2B and consumer sales outreach;
  • Help set sales goals and priorities for team pursuit of sales goals;
  • Work as a productive and supportive team member in a fast-paced environment;
  • Follow all compliance safety regulations; model safe behaviors for all employees.
  • Interest in understanding and developing an innovative business model;
  • Dedication to water conservation;
  • Sales and marketing understanding and/or experience;
  • Customer service experience;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with some physical rigor;
  • Excellent computer and social media skills.